Vereb Real Estate Platform

About Project:

Consulting on digital transformation solutions to help Vereb become a leading business platform in real estate. Building a technology ecosystem for online auction management, operations, and business.

Technical information:
Framework, library: Reactjs, RectNative, NextJs, NestJs.
Database: PostgreSQL
Programming language: Javascript, Typescript.
AWS Cloud Services, Kubernete, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch.

Partner / Client: Vietnam

Domain: Real Estate, Digital Transformation

Platforms: Web App, Mobile App.

Working Model: Labo/Offshore development

Resources: 13 headcounts (04 Back-end, 04 Front-end, 01 Designer, 01 BA, 02 Tester, 01 Devops)

Durations: 8 months

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