Enterprise Resource Planning

About the project

We are dedicated to supporting companies in their digital transformation journey. We aim to improve the efficiency of business administration in the transport industry by digitizing work processes. V-One is a corporate governance platform designed to assist C-Suits and managers in making high-level strategic decisions effectively. It is a robust system that offers various features, allowing your business to use it for a specific purpose or digitize your entire business.

Technical information
Framework, library: NextJS + ReactJS.
Database: PostgreSQL
Programming language: Javascript, Typescript
AWS Cloud Services

Partner / Client: Vietnam

Domain: ERP, Digital Transformation

Platforms: Web App, Mobile App

Working Model: Fixed Price/ Fixed Costs

Resources: 25 resources (10 Back-end, 5 Front-end, 5 BA, 3 Designer, 2 PMs)

Durations: 3 years

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